Ashura is a stage 4 demon who was banished from Hell. He currently resides in the overworld, taking the humans as slaves and commanding the demons who follow his ideals.

Early Life

Ashura was born during the Pure-Demon War. He was made to spread the corruption through the air, and around his allies, to give them an advantage. Due to this, he was made with more tolerance to the effects. Though he performed as expected to begin with, he slowly but surely took careful notice of how the corruption affected his allies and enemies. He didn't know it yet, but the corruption clouded his mind, especially the constant exposure to it.

Accused of Treason

Eventually, Ashura decided to question the demons on why they were killing the pure ones. The demons didn't give good answers; they mostly said the basic black and white answer he already knew:

  • "They're the pure ones!"
  • "They destroy corruption!"
  • "They'll kill us!"

It reached its climax when he outright refused to kill a couple of pure ones they had cornered. He was accused of treason and the courts sentenced him to perform a couple of duties as redemption.


With 9 other demons, Ashura was sentenced to attempt to power a demon to beyond Stage 5. With Stage 5 being the highest a demon has ever gone, no one knew what would happen if one went beyond.