Credits to Lemonaden again for the amazing art

Beck is a non-Weegee Demi-Goddess that was somewhat created to be the key for good and the destroyer of evil. She is blessed by the gods and has the power to cure corruption so basically every demon and anti-god wants her dead. However, she has no clue of her powers or her purpose so she tends to wander off a bit meeting a few friends along the way. She has no idea how powerful she actually is but she does try to help her friends out in anyway possible. She has no clue that she is a Demi-Goddess and thinks that she is a mere mortal.

Origins: Edit

Beck was created by Pureegee and Aagee to protect the good and defend against the bad like Gladiogee and was given a pure soul. A pure soul is enough to destroy a demon so it makes her a target to many villains, including the fact that she is the weakest Demi-Goddess. In order to keep her hidden, she was given to a family as a child in a small town. Unaware to her, she accidentally was involved in a turtle massacre and was sworn to be killed by one of the turtles. This Turtle was created for chaos and violence and had powers of a Demi-God and murdered her parents. Blamed for the entire thing, Beck was forced to get out of town and to the evil turtle's delight flee to the other towns and most likely die trying to survive.

A friendship is born: Edit

This was the last town she went to before given help to a fakegee named Justin and soon they became good friends. She stayed in that little town and was soon given enough money by him to have a home for her own. They became pretty good friends after that. She soon befriended his brother Cory Royal and the other brothers as well as a few townsfolk there.


  • Blast: Just your generic blast, nothing special really.
  • Pure Blast: This isn't that different from your average blast, but it's much more effective against demons.
  • Virus Immunity: She is immune to the Weegee Virus or anything that works along those lines.


  • Video Games
  • Her friends
  • Having a home
  • Food that's actually edible


  • Anyone that tries to hurt her friends
  • Turtles
  • Too much attention