Justin Royal is the son of Alex Royal and his wife. He has 3 other brothers with one being adopted, and he loves them all. He is the kindest of all his brothers and is willing to help anyone in need. He wears clothes like Malleo despite that he is a Fakegee. He is a big fan of Weegee but Weegee never really noticed him. He goes to Lalleo School using expensive transportation like using a teleportation machine or a plane. Since his family is extremely rich, they don't have a problem with the cost.

He is a secretly a demon that was extremely evil. However, he was chaotic and attacked everyone, even the other demons, his rampage continued until one of the demons trapped him in a human body trapping him. He was put to sleep because of this humanoid form, making it a person.

When he was 4, he was bitten by a demonic turtle which gave him a extreme virus inside him and was forced to get his brain transplanted which resulted in his memory being erased every 10 years in order to prevent him from dying. Oddly enough, because of this, the demon inside Justin woke up and now he getting ready to escape his body once he is corrupted enough. The demon is still unable to escape but is now a voice in Justin's head giving Justin split personality.

A few years later when he was 7, he was in his limo with his brother Logane Royal to get a new brother when he noticed an unfortunate person out on the streets. Despite Logane telling him not to help her, he did out of kindness. He gave her a loaf of bread to eat. He then left to get his new brother. Soon after, He encountered the same person again, and handed her another loaf of bread. Curious, Justin asked the person her name to which she said "Beck". The two became good friends soon after but Logane is still skeptical.

He sort of grew up since then but not as much, he and Beck are good friends and are still in touch. He is technically a teenager at this point but he still has the classic Weegee look. He seems to be almost like his father, a kind, smart man.